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Elements of a Good Digital or Social Media Ad

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

We are proud that a recent set of trial ads we did for our client, IACT Health, were chosen to be a CRO's example to all of their clinical trial sites about what a personalized trial ad should look like!

What exactly makes a good trial ad for digital or social media? We suggest 3 key elements:

✏️ Clear, convincing copy:

Is your copy easy to understand? It’s sometimes hard for clinical researchers to switch from industry jargon to layman's terms that are easily read and understoodby everyone, especially those they are targeting to enroll into a clinical trial. Butit’s incredibly important to speak the language of your target audience in order to start a conversation and attract them. Does your copy also providea value proposition? It should clearly communicate what the target audience stands to get or learn more about by clicking on the ad. If none of these things are clear, the efforts of the ad in question become a moot point because it lacks clarity.

✏️ An obvious call-to-action that prompts your viewer to do something:

What do you want your target audience to do? Should they be directed to a contact form? Should they be reading more information on your site? Do you want them to call you for more information? Whatever action you are hoping for potential trial volunteers to take should be stated clearly so they know what to do. Guide them!

✏️ Attractive design that is pleasant to look at and consistent with your branding:

It goes without saying that if something doesn’t look good, we typically don’t want to pay attention to it. Your ad design should be attractive, clean, free from “clutter” (I.e. clashing colors or elements, too much text), and easy on the eyes.

Do you need help with your clinical trial ad campaigns? Contact us today and let’s chat about how we can improve your digital footprint!

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