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How to Make the Latinx Community a Part of Your Marketing Conversation Year-Round

Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month officially comes to a close on October 15th, but that doesn’t mean the conversation of inclusion and acknowledgement of this vibrant community should stop when the celebrations are over. How can your organization or business rethink its marketing strategy to include Hispanics, Latinos, Latinas, and Latinxs throughout the year?

Visuals, visuals, visuals.

One of the easiest things you can do to keep the Hispanic community engaged in your content is to make sure your visuals feature individuals who are representative of them. This could be your own staff members, your current clients or patients, or stock images of Latinx people. Even better, share content from prominent Latinxs in your industry. Specifically for the clinical trial arena, this could be Latinx researchers like the founders of Latinos in Clinical Research, or notable Industry Executives like Dr. Grace E. Colón, President & CEO of InCarda Therapeutics.Simply put, people enjoy seeing images of other people that look like them—representation matters, and it’s crucial in establishing a meaningful connection with any community!

Don’t wait for them to come to you—go to them!

If you want to make a lasting impression on a future employee or client, the secret is to do so before they ever make their way to you. This is no different for the Hispanic community. Find out what unique issues are important to them and how you can address them in your strategic marketing plan. Do you have a current staff member who can be asked to speak on these concerns? If you’re a trial site, do you have Hispanic trial volunteers whocan speak to the patient experience in a way that connects with the community?Make the Latinx population feel heard and seen before they ever encounter your business or organization, because when they do, they’ll be likely to stay a while.

Showcase your Latinx community members at various times throughout the year.

The accomplishments of your staff or community members -- regardless of their race or ethnicity -- should be highlighted whenever they occur. We love what our friends at ACRP are doing to showcase the Hispanic voices among their membership and the efforts they’re making to improve diversity in clinical research. This campaign is a perfect example of something that can be done at any time during the year to highlight the important work that your Latinx staff is doing to help further your company or organization.

Expanding your Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month celebrations beyond its national designation on your calendar can not only position your company in an incredibly positive light, but it can also allow you to deeply immerse yourself into the rich, vibrant culture of the largest minority group in the United States. That’s not just a marketing win, but an intrinsic win as well.

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