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June is Pride Month, but our support should be year-round.

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

June is Pride Month, and Research Designed is incredibly proud to share support for the LGBTQ+ community. But we also understand that expressing support for this community shouldn’t just happen one month out the year. Awareness, allyship, and inclusion of the LGBTQ+ community should continue well beyond Pride Month. This is especially true for healthcare organizations and clinical trial companies that work with diverse patients every single day.

So, what are some ways that your organization can continue to show support year-round?

🌈 Give the stage to someone else: Allow someone who identifies as LGBTQ+ in your organization or company to have a platform to speak on important issues regarding the community's needs. Alternatively, consider partnering with a community leader who can speak to such concerns in a compelling, informative, and engaging manner.

🌈 Create awareness around other LGBTQ days and months: Did you know that Trans Day of Visibility was March 31? Or that National Coming Out Day is October 11? There are several days during the year that, if appropriate for your company, can be used as days to speak out and offer support and education. Consider working them into your editorial calendars.

🌈 Evaluate your marketing and processes: What does your company's marketing look like year-round? Is your imagery diverse? Is your language inclusive? What about your processes in handling clients? Specifically for the clinical trial industry, are you interfacing with current and future patients in such a way that would encourage them to continue receiving care? Even something as simple as revising the gender-marker question on applications and contact forms to include more options could do a world of difference in connecting with diverse patients.

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