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Advertising Campaigns

Planning an advertising campaign for a trial requires nuanced understanding of IRB/EIC and other industry regulations. Our team understands the ins and outs of the clinical trial industry. We also have extensive experience navigating the patient enrollment challenges faced by sites, CROs, and sponsors. Our collective marketing experience within the clinical trial and biotech industries give our clients a competitive edge.


Research Designed's ad campaigns have been used by large, global sponsors as examples to all of their sites on how to create successful trial advertising campaigns. 


Effective trial campaigns include various traditional and digital advertising channels ranging from social media, web placement, print ads, outdoor ads, and other specialized media formats. Our team creates customized marketing plans based on the trial type and its related demographic data to target recruitment areas and ensure maximum exposure to your desired audience.  In addition, we can manage your recruitment budgets to ensure you are getting the the best return on your investment.

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