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SennSays – Get Noticed on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has become the primary BD platform for most industries around the world. By understanding the recent algorithm changes, smaller clinical trial and biotech companies can share content that attracts followers and create new business relationships.

  • Shared content has surged by 40% for the past 2 years

  • Has 3 new professionals joining every second!

Big changes happened to the LinkedIn Feed this year. There are fewer selfies and irrelevant shared memes now because LinkedIn users want content that is relevant and grounded in knowledge and advice, from people they know and care about.

  • Posts on LinkedIn are now 10% more likely to be seen by your followers

  • Knowledge and advice posts are prioritized in LinkedIn’s algorithm, which created a 40% increase in people checking out content from people that aren’t in their network. Now is the time to grow your presence as a thought leader in your field!

So how to make engaging content?

  • Ask yourself who you are trying to reach, who is it relevant to? Usually, the best answer for LinkedIn is a post that contains knowledge you have that can help people in your field.

  • Stick to areas you have authority- meaning it’s on your profile page as work experience, education or skills, so that LinkedIn can identify you as having that authority

  • The better your authority and knowledge-based content, the more LinkedIn will automatically show your content to other people employed in that field

  • If you share posts, be sure and add your own perspective and opinions, and don’t copy generic content. LinkedIn uses AI to rank unique posts higher vs shared posts with repeated content. Be brave and share your advice and personality! Those are always the highest ranking posts.

What LinkedIn has discovered is that users really want the right connections to be made within their workplaces and industries. They want relevant, informative content that’s easy to digest. And that’s why LinkedIn does not reward viral content- because no single piece of content should be relevant to everyone across LinkedIn, right?

In summary, now’s a great time to start posting on LinkedIn if you want to take advantage of the increased visibility of relevant posts. Even starting with just one post a week, or sharing a post from a relevant business connection, can go farther than ever before. Many bigger businesses post daily on LinkedIn with the help of a dedicated social media marketing team. As your business grows, you’ll definitely notice the benefits of building your LinkedIn presence.


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